Top 10 Herbal & Organic Products For Skincare & Makeup! Makeup Tips

Hy Welcome today we are going to talk about 10 affordable skincare items available in India. So let me begin With my Favourite or natural and organic ingredients are there in your skincare. The better Your skincare routine gets and you’ll see a different kind of glow and texture on your skin. Before you Start Using Organic Product here is the list that I have with me today tends to include most natural products.


Organic Products For Skincare –

I Will tell You Reviews of that Products and their prices. So here in this post, you will find Best herbal products Review and their Price. I have Recommended best Products after using them. You can also try them.

1. Himalaya Face Wash

Himalaya builds purifying named face wash and this 50 ml pack retails for 55 Rupees. If you are someone who has an acne, prone sensitive skin l recommend getting this one and including it in your skincare routine.

Price – 55 Rs


2. Lotus Herbals ( Face Scrub)

It’s the white cloud meal and yogurt skin whitening scrub. This again is great if You have prone, blackheads in your t-zone and around your chin area this is the best. I also have tried this Scrub and get such a good results. Lotus hobbles again Claims to have most natural ingredients in their skincare products.

Price- 263 rupees


3. Kama (Rose Water)

Next is the Kama Pure rose water and this is available in 50 ml Bottle for Rupee 250. It’s a great tone as well as something that you can carry in your everyday bag and just spray it all over your face to fair refresh yourselves.

Price – 250 rupees

4. Jovi’s Almond Lip Balm

The Jovi almond Lip Balm has an SPF of 15 and this again its really affordable its price is around 100 rupee and it again has all natural ingredients.

price- 100 Rupees

5. Lotus Herbal Safe Sun De-Tan After Sun Face Pack

Now, this is something that you can use throughout the Year. It has kaolin in it so which helps in detaining and also Gives a really mad clean feeling after Applying this face pack.



6. Rangoli Herbals (Facial Cream)

Now, this is something that You can use in everyday Face cream plus moisturizer and because this has saffron in it and it’s again a natural organic Product. This works wonderfully if you are someone who’s suffering from acne and scars, then I would recommend giving this a shot.

7. Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 (Daily Sunblock)

It again comes in the affordable category and this is not only a sunblock, it’s also an everyday cream plus foundation. And it provides benefits and coverage of all the three products in One.

8. Patanjali Saundarya Aloe vera Gel with Kesar and Chandan

This is a great everyday Facial moisturizer if you have very oily skin. And also aloe vera gel works great for your everyday skin care if you tend to get burnt or cracks then aloe vera gel works Great and healing those.

9. Juicy Chemistry (Lip Scrub)

This is great if you have to apply a mat lipstick like the liquid lipstick. So I recommend getting a lip scrub and juicy chemistry makes some Great lip Scrubs.

10. Himalaya Herbals (Moisturising Lotion)

This is the aloe vera almond one and we all know the benefits of almond oil and aloe vera and when we get both of them that too in Himalaya this is a great product.


11. BioTech Bio Papaya (Tan Removal Scrub)

Now you can use it as a scrub or as an overall face pack. This works great for Removing Dead Skin and also providing a Sheer glow to your Skin and I love most of the biotech Products in General.

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Post by- Mohit Singh Rathore

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