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How to Suit Up Like a Pro!

People always ask me question about how to suit up and How to wear a suit like Gentlemen etc. So I am making a dedicated post about picking up the perfect suit and dressing it up to perfection. First Thing is it doesn’t matter what brand you are wearing, What is the cost of your suit, the main thing is if it doesn’t fit it’s a bad suit. I have seen a lot of guys wearing suits which is one size big from their real size. And the result is that the shoulder of the suit flap over on your real shoulder, and you get the dent on your suit. suit up tips




If You want to check the fitting of your shoulder, go to the wall and touch with your shoulder, if your suit touches the wall and your suit fabric bunch come in between them, it is a loose suit, your shoulder should hit the wall firstly. And If You comfortably cross your arms from the front side then it’s a perfect suit.



Moving on down to suit, make sure the fitting of the suit stomach is according to your stomach. Not So Tight, Make Sure it is enough tight, according to your comfort.  Make sure your wrist Can Reach to Your Inner pocket easily. So it’s a perfect fit.




The Fabric of the suit should be good enough so that, your suit will not get Wrinkles on your sleeves and the most the important thing is the Length of the sleeves is also crucial it should be half inch shorter than your shirt sleeves. This alteration is Done by the tailors, so Keep this in your mind to tell this thing to your tailor.




Now We will talk About the Pants- First, make sure that the waist of the pants fit your waist properly. Most of the times menswear pants very high on the waist ,

and sometimes very low to the waist. This is wrong, I will tell the natural and write way so that you can wear your pants properly.

Wear your pants 4 inches below to your Navel.



Now we will talk about the length of your Pants. you can go for a full break or short break according to your comfort, but I will suggest you should be in between so not so much long or not so much short, which will look perfect on the suit.


Tips Which Will Take Your Suit To Next Level.



So First, Watches are a classic and understated way to add something extra to your look. You can also choose from multiple styles like sporty or classic to match your own personal taste. Braces, bow ties, different belts, shoes. They can Give your suit a very expensive look. Make Sure the color of this accessories suits your suit jacket.


Watches You Must Wear with Suits

For a classic look choose a silver strap and face.



Try to wear that type of watches which look very simple and have a decent and standard look. try to avoid wearing sporty look watches. Because you a wearing a suit. That indicates you are gentlemen.


Shoes Advise

Normally people use to wear leather shoes or formal shoes on the suit but nowadays the combination is changed like some people also try casuals on shoes this is one of the most trendy style this day. Matching your suit to your good pair of shoes is not very difficult. Frankly speaking, it totally depends on your suit color. For instance, if you are planning to wear a black suit, then there is no perfect match than a black shoe.




Brown shoes could be your second choice. On the other hand, if you are going to wear a navy blue suit, you can pair it with multiple options including black, brown, or even with red shoes.




Grey suits are less formal than navy suits and you can pair them with just about any color of leather effectively. suit up tips ends hear.










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