How to Grow Hair Healthy and Long | Hair Care Tips

Hi, guys today We are gonna talk about the simple hack and tricks for you to grow your hair longer and faster. And also, this will help you grow hair more voluminous and make them healthier. hair grow

Hair Care Tips



1. Head Massage

The tip no.1 is something which is your grand maa and your mom must have always for you. And that is to give yourself a good head massage. So you may or may not use oil. For this, some people try to stay away from oil if they have an oily scalp. But otherwise, it is always good and moisturizing to give yourself a head massage with oil.

All you have to do is simply take some nice nourishing oil, dip your finger into the oil and give your scalp of a good massage. This will stimulate the scalp to improve blood circulation. hair grow

Hence improving the growth of your hair there are plenty of oils available on the market. My personal favorite is jojoba oil and coconut oil. You can mix it all together with all the goodness and give your scalp a good healthy massage.


2. Trim Rough Ends

This may seem a bit counterintuitive. Since I just spoke about trimming your hair but it is a fact that trimming rough ends can help you grow hair longer and faster. Because once you get split ends, then it’s going to stop the growth of your hair. And it also hinders the health of your hair. hair grow

Head getting rid of rough health is a good way to go. A split end leads to losing hair and not to mention it also gets rids of all shine and luster. The volume of your hair if you don’t want to go for a full-blown haircut.

 3. Drink More Water

You hear it all the time but hear it again drink more water. Drinking more water can pretty much help you with everything in your body including hair growth to get a stronger hair. To grow faster you need to eliminate toxins and to do so you have to flush them out by drinking water.

 4. The Inversion Method

The method basically means you need to flip all your hair upside down. And let it be like that for a while and give it a good massage or maybe even sometimes just lie on your stomach on your bed and slip your hair down. What this does is, it sends all the blood rush to your scalp and that helps improve circulation and give a good amount of blood flow to your hair follicles. Another reason why the hair inversion technique is so good is that you are supposed to pace your head below your heart when flipping your head down. It sends all the blood rush to your scalp hence stimulating growth in your hair follicles. hair grow

 5. Add Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

You need to add an apple cider vinegar rinse to your shampoo and conditioning routine. All you have to do is add one liter of water and actually 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar inside it after you are done with shampooing and conditioning your hair in the shower.It is also a natural detangler for your hair the next tip is kind of a gross one.


6. Don’t Wash Every Day

The reason is that when you wash your hair every day, you strip it off its natural essential oils that your scalp produces, which is very very necessary for hair growth. So either washes your hair once or twice in a week. hair grow

7. Use a Wooden Hair Brush/Comb

Comb your hair using a wooden comb or a brush, so when you use a wooden comb to comb your hair, what it does is it absorbs all the natural oil from your scalp. Then it distributes down to the rest of your hair.

Hence giving all the essential oils to all your hair also reduces static and breakage, which is perfect if you are trying to grow your hair.

8. Damage-proof Hairstyle

Keeping your hair open at all times will cause a lot of tangling and damage, leading to breakage and hair fall. Hence, as often as possible try to keep your hair in a damage-proof hairstyle. One good damage-proof hairstyle, which is very easy to do is a “citrate”.

 9. Use Sulfate-free Shampoos

Use more natural and organic shampoos. Simply because sulfate really strips your scalp of all the natural oil and goodness that your body produces for your hair to grow longer faster.







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