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When it comes to men’s fashion and style, most guys think they are brilliant at picking the right outfit. But the truth is, while your homies might tell you that you’re totally rad in your skinny shorts and striped socks, the girls aren’t thinking the same. Men’s Fashion Tips

One of the benefits of a good looking outfit is that it should be attracting the ladies, right?

So let’s jump to the girl’s point of view and take a closer look at the most hated menswear.

We have asked 20 style, conscious women, what they are tired of seeing guys wear and what simply is a turn-off.

You might be surprised!

1. Short-sleeved shirts

Unless You Have Big Biceps and a tattoo on your arms, please don’t wear short-sleeved shirts.

And if you are thin so these short-sleeved shirts are not made for you.

Men’s Fashion Tips

2. Heels

I don’t care if you’re short. But Friend Wearing a Shoe With big Hill is not going to solve your height problem.

better to wear shoes with flat sole shoes. You will definitely impress your girl.

3. Deep V-necks

Why Man Why? Don’t you think its a girly look? Actually, Girls Seriously hate this type of boys, who wear v deep neck t-shirts. Men’s Fashion Tips

Better to invest your money in collared t-shirts.

4. Pink

Women hate the pink color. Better to wear Blue Because most of the women got attracted to navy blue, and blue color.

5. White socks

Especially when you wear short Pants. It can spoil your best look into the worst look.

6. Running Shoes and Hiking Boots As Everyday Wear.

Most of the charming boys now days wear sports shoes in parties and in school. But the truth behind it is, it is the worst look a guy have in parties. You invest lots and lots of money in foods and traveling, better to invest money in canvas shoes which are in trend.

Men’s Fashion Tips

7. Silver Necklaces / Jewellery.

Men wearing gold chains, Earrings, looks very awkward actually girls feel not comfortable with these type of boys. This look looks like a taboo.

8. Sweatpants Are Not the New Jeans

It’s true that mainstream fashion designers showed them at fashion week, but wearing sweatpants to work is not the same as wearing them at causal events. Men’s Fashion Tips

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