5 Tricks That Will Make Cheap Suits Look More Expensive

Whenever you think of a suit, your hand goes automatically into your pockets. Because the suit is not kids toy it’s a manly thing. A suit only is not enough but a proper and a nice one is compulsive. Today boys want casuals in their office because they do not want to empty their bank accounts on a single suit. I believe that every man should have a suit that makes him look in his best attire. mens suits

Filling your wardrobe with cheap suits is not at all wrong but its wrong when not style them properly. Don’t worry the tricks are here for you. I will help you make your cheap suits look expensive.

First of all, you should know how to shop for an affordable suit. You can go with the wholesalers or those retailers who are new in the market and giving quality fabric at cheapest. Avoiding shiny synthetic fibers would be a good move. You can also look in the sale section where you can find a $500 suit for $250. After this, you can use these tricks that will make you look a little nicer, No no! a lot nicermens suits








1. Take in the Sleeves

If you are giving your tailor a nice amount then you must keep your eyes on every detail so it looks like a nice custom-made suit. But make sure you make him take in the sleeves. Don’t forget friend you want to look smart, handsome, you want tapered, narrow sleeves that hug and not hang off from your arms. This also includes that you feel comfortable in moving your hands and just does not become too tight.





2. Replace the Buttons

When you go for purchasing suit always check, how are the buttons?  Most of the times cheap suit come with simple plastic buttons. Simple plastic buttons screw the suit look and many times get broken or damaged easily. So go to your tailor and replace the buttons with some cool buttons. mens suits





3. Add a Cuff at the Ankle

Just wearing slim-fit and tapered cut pants are not enough. You can ask your tailor for a 1.5″ cuff at the ankles. These cuffs look richer at the hem. These cuffs do not directly come with these cheap suits, you have to add these details to make them look more expensive.





4. Try Monochromatic Styling

Choosing within a finite palette for your shirt, shoes, and tie is a new move that makes your suit’s fabric look finer and richer. Switching up patterns and colors with each piece of your suit slightly would be a great move. But if you don’t like this style you can also do a single solid move by adding a pocket square of a totally different color. Perfect suiting is a must.




5. Finish with a Pair of Lavish Shoes

Now at last and also the last thing when you dress is shoes only. So in my opinion when have done with an affordable suit then don’t go with cheap shoes too. You should invest a good amount in buying shoes. When you go for a sturdy, classy, bench-made pair of dress shoes with these affordable suits then they enhance your look along with your suit’s look.

So what are you waiting for, here are the tricks now just go and buy the suit. Then you will just have to follow these tricks man.    mens suits

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