How to Pedicure at home | Step by Step Picture Guide

Clean feet are the mark of a well groomed and confident person, so you owe it to yourself to show them some love. Today we’re going to share some important nail and foot care habits that can be incorporated into your daily life.We have added a simple and flawless tip for a pedicure at home.  You can use this tips to save your money from lavish expenses of the Salon. Here we start with How can you save your expenses and make your feet smooth and adorable?

What is pedicure?

The pedicure is basically the cosmetic treatment of the feet and nails. It helps you to make your feet look their best.


Failproof Tips for Flawless Feet

# Benefits of Pedicure

Every couple of weeks can be the difference between healthy and sexy feet. And the kind of legs you want to hide in a pair of high tops, So these are highly recommended tips to start on your own.

# How to clean up nails

A Classic Pedicure is basically around 45 minutes of bliss for your feet. It is essential to have a clean canvas, to begin with, so started by removing the old nail polish. you can use nail polish remover or you can also use hand sanitizer.

# How to Trim Nails

The nails were trimmed carefully, to achieve the shape and length that you desired! A wooden filer is used to shape the delicate nails without cracking or splitting them.

# How to Apply Gel to Nails

Cuticle gel was applied to make the nail bed emollient and supple.

# Soak your Feet

Then Soak the feet in a tub of warm water and foot soak, softens the calluses and cleanses the nails and feet.

# How to Cuticle Care Your Feet

Taking a cuticle pusher, Gently pushed back all the cuticles near the nail bed. If loose cuticles are apparent, a cuticle nipper is used to pluck out all the loose skin.A foot file and a pumice stone were used to remove all the dead skin layers and even from the skin. A foot pack was used after clearing all the dead skin layers which instantly hydrated the skin and removed excess oils from the feet.

# Massage your Feet

A generous amount of the cream was applied to massage feet. Now massage your feet using special massaging techniques which relaxed the feet and revived dry skin. you can also watch some good youtube channel for massaging technique.

# How to Buffed Nails

Nails are buffed to improve nail growth and bring back the lost shine. You can buff your nails with your regular nail cutter. Do it gently don’t be so fast because it can hurt your nails and also damage your nail shape.

# Now apply nail polish

Then prettied up nails with a double coat of your favorite nail polish! Pedicures not only get your blood flowing but also hydrate the skin and get rid of fungal infections. So you should get them done every 15-20 days.

Now as awesome as the pedicure was, tomorrow’s a new day, and you’ll have to take care of your feet yourself. So don’t be lazy, wash your feet thoroughly every single day and night, as unclean feet have the day’s accumulated dirt & bacteria on them.So keep your feet and toes clean, and then work them over with some moisturizer. Sleeping with your socks on too has its own advantages. It regulates body temperature by keeping your feet warm and also helps your skin soak in any moisturizer that you have applied the night before, leaving you with soft and supple ankles by the next morning!

# Care Your Feet in Winter

Leaving your feet exposed, even during the winters, without any sunscreen can cause damage, so watch out! Fortunately, we have a lot of different sunscreens available on the market today that are sweat-proof, mattifying and fast-drying.

# How To Smoothen Out Rough Skin

Foot files are a godsend for rough feet. Here’s how you can use one to smoothen out the rough skin on the underside of your feet: Soak your feet in warm water to moisten them and soften the upper layer of your skin. Rub the foot file or pumice stone onto your damp foot. Wipe dry with a clean towel and apply a good amount of your favorite moisturizer. Make sure you follow this process at least twice a week. So your feet remain soft, clean and healthy! Your first impressions are always the lasting ones. So now that you have all these beauty tips with you, you should just go ahead and pamper those energetic, tottering toes every once in a while.

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