7 Top Viral Fashion Trends of 2018 | Every Women Should Know

A new year is a perfect time to give you a closet a fresh start. So that is why I wanted to share some of the top fashion trends that we can expect to see popping up this year. Now I don’t like being a slave to fashion at all But I do like looking current and modern. So these trends are on my mind some of the most wearable fashion trends that we can expect to see in 2018. So if you’d like to see what those trends are and how you can wear them then just keep reading.



Trend #1 Statement Earring

Super-sized statement earrings are back and bigger than ever for 2018. So they’ve really architectural kind of inspired. Their large oversized metallic statement earrings. The great thing about them is that you can wear the really plain outfit and the earrings do all the work. Just like this with the white shirt and black jeans made extra-special by some cool statement earrings.


Trend #2 Ruffle Details

This has to be my favorite trend between T18 ruffles are back. I think they are super feminine and just really pretty. I love this ruffled shirt which just kind of gives a feminine edge to a pair of jeans. But expect to see ruffle detailing everywhere from the hems of dresses to pretty detailing all over the front of dresses and shirts.  Even places like this really cool sweater which I think the ruffle detailing just makes it extra fun. And the reason I think they are so wearable is that a simple ruffled shirt will just add such a lovely fashion edge to a simple pair of pants or jeans.



Trend #3 Longline Layers

These long-line layers are everywhere this year too. I think they are especially great because they obviously will flatter every body type. They just sort of finish off an outfit and give it a really lovely modern edge. Your base outfit can be very simple from something like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and then you add this long layer to really just finish off.


Trends # 4 Pretty Pastels

The look a lot of designers showed pretty pastel’s on the runway this season. This has inspired the return of these gorgeous shades.If you’re worried about pastels washing you out. You can always anchor a pretty PESTEL jacket or blazer with black or white underneath. This tends to give it just that little bit more oomph. And you can always team it with one of your favorite scarves.


Trends #5 Logomania Returns

Wearing your logos everywhere was a real 80’s 90’s phenomenon. It’s actually back and bigger than ever. So if you own anything with a designer logo on it. Now is the time to get it out. I’ve just got out some Louis Vuitton handbags. If you don’t have the cash to splash on designer goods well you don’t need to worry there will be plenty of copycat designs out there too.


Trends #6 Fringing Details

Another trend that I was excited to see on the runway this season was fringing detail. Which I think is always really flattering This is how it was shown on the runway and this is how you can expect to see it this season. And fringing is actually really flattering to wear because it’s like an optical illusion for the eye. It detracts your eye from any one particular part of your body. So consider opting for fringing this year I always think that plaid never goes out of fashion but the designers showed quite a bit of plaid on the runways this season so expect to see lots of it out. fashion trends


Trends #7 Checks or Plaid

One of the biggest trends that we can expect to see is these plaid oversized man style Blazers. Which I think are super flattering and great if you are into thrifting. I’ve secretly been wearing scrunchies for years but I am super excited that they are now back in fashion because I find them really handy.


Trends #8 Scrunchies Hair Ties

I actually think they look kind of cool too.  So that has restarted the trend for my favorite hair accessory. You’ll be able to pick up scrunchies absolutely everywhere online for super cheap but I’m particularly loving this Danish company comfort objects who are reimagining designer scarves and creating scrunchies out of them.


Thanks so much for Reading these post I hope you enjoyed this Post for more I look forward to seeing you next time Bye for now

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