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Confidence is great but over-confidence is not good. So along with choosing a well-maintained wardrobe, there’s also a need of having great grooming habits. And I assure you it will definitely won’t hurt you.  Men’s Style




Here are those 10 things which you want to know and also need to know if you are a man ( of course you are -haha ):

1. Good Grooming Habits


It doesn’t matter that what you are wearing, the main thing that a woman will notice about you is your grooming habits. These include your hair, facial hair, body hair, body odor, and overall cleanliness. It may happen that different women have the different taste for a man but this taste includes all these things that I mentioned.

Next time you go for grooming put a little more effort to your grooming.

Women love a man the one who knows how to take care of himself and who takes pride in his appearance. No matter whether you are clean shaved, bearded, rugged or dark skinned but what matters is to maintain that look properly. A well-groomed man is a furthermore attractive man.



2. Great Taste in Shoes


Always remember anybody whether it is a man or a woman sees someone starting from downwards to upwards. Your shoes matter a lot and say a lot. The first thing any women notices in a man style is his taste of shoes. If you are having great pairs of shoes then believe me you have something that many men are missing. I buy only quality footwear and along with quality its creation also matters.

Just keep in mind that you wear shoes according to the occasion and for what you are putting your steps out of your house. If you put your gym shoes on a date then you might screw it up. So proper styling is necessary if you want to be a gentleman.

Having a room full of shoes is not important but having few pairs, and quality one are important.



3. White T-shirt + Jeans


The combination you are seeing above is a classic one and for good reason. The reason that its evergreen, comfortable, frankly and budget friendly. It’s the stuff that anyone can wear. But here’s also the proper fit is necessary as it affects your overall look.

Your physique is displayed properly in a t-shirt that fits you perfectly. Too loose or too tight is equal to nothing. Your biceps is something that women find most attractive in a man. So remember that your sleeves are not too loose.

Make sure the jeans you choose is according to your body fit as jeans come in different fittings. I would you to choose a slim-fit or tapered cut jeans that comes just above your shoes and not below that.



4. A Suit ( That Fits Properly)


A suit is something that you don’t wear regularly but when you wear it wear it perfectly or don’t wear a suit. When you wear a suit you are dressed up in a proper attire. And women notice men in their most dressed up attire which is mostly the suit.

When you wear a suit keep in mind that your jacket fits perfectly on your shoulder and your sleeves stop just before your wrist. Your pants are of the proper length and if you think that any of these things are not going properly then knock tailor’s door.

Remember: Don’t just wear a suit but wear a perfect suit.



5. Rolled Sleeves


You might not know that rolling sleeves and showing up a little forearm is a big hit with women. Its vibes are very cool, casual and approachable. Rolling sleeves has become common in previous years which is today also very trendy. But the thing which a guy should remember is that rolling sleeves is not a big thing but the thing which is important is rolling it properly. Men’s Style

Next when you step out roll your sleeves and make yourself look more manly than before.



6. Chinos


Women love chinos because it makes them look different from the same everyday jeans. Chinos are something that makes you more versatile as chinos look more mature.

You should increase your stock of chinos and start plugging it more often than the average jeans. You can try the chinos in different colors like navy blue, grey or the evergreen khaki chinos. Men’s Style

But just like the suit here also the fitting should be proper as bad fit lowers your look.



7. Henley T-shirts

Henley’s are a type of t-shirt which round necked having 3 or 4 buttons in the center of neckline with V shape. Henley t-shirt is attraction factor for men. Henley is something that you can pick up on the weekends.

Your wardrobe is now demanding some henleys, so go to the market and put some rich henleys in your basket. You may go for neutral colors like navy, white and gray and you may pair it up with any of your pants. Men’s Style

Henleys are something which is different from that same average t-shirts and makes you look more mature and feels more comfortable.



8. V-Neck Sweaters


A V-Neck sweater with shirt’s collar out is very classic something. This winter is demanding some V-neck sweaters and you are the one who will waive off the trend. V-neck sweaters look very rich and classy. Men’s Style

V-neck sweaters make feel more comfortable and relaxed. These sweaters also warm you and add some richness to your style.

If you want to look more versatile you should go for navy, olive green or solid gray.



9. Tasteful Accessories


Well chosen accessories put stars on your dressing. Fine accessories affect your look drastically and enhance your sense of dressing. I know what you are thinking that from where to start with the accessories part. I will guide you on that. Watch is first need for your accessories section. A sober classic watch will be perfect for your first purchase. Watches complete you making you 100%. Men’s Style

You should out with not more than 2 or 3 accessories otherwise you are going to ruin the solid foundation. Flashy add-ons or too much jewelry can harm your wardrobe.

Tasteful accessories include watches, tie bars, rings, bracelets, lapel pins and colorful scarves.



10. Mankles (Man + Ankle)

Mankle may surprise you but is a popular trend these days. Mankle means a man with ankles. Don’t confuse, in simple words it is that ankle length pants and trousers that are popular these days. As you can see these two men are wearing ankle length pants which is enhancing there dress up. Men’s Style

It has richness, which makes women go crazy over it. But showing off ankles doesn’t mean that you go sock-less. You should go with no-show socks or the loafer socks which will make feel more comfortable and will help you avoid getting stinky, sweaty feet.

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